Founded in 1898, JP Cotton Mills is India’s one of the most established Manufacturer and Government Approved Supplier of Ropes, harnesses and Webbings used in the Commercial, Industrial and Defence sector.

Today we have a wide range of products that are used for mountaineering, climbing, rappelling, route marking, harnesses, safety gear, nets, lashings, seat belts, lifting slings and much more. The applications of our product use is extensive. Furthermore, we have a complete in house facility from processing of the yarn to the final quality product. The latest testing equipment enables us to control quality at each stage of the manufacturing process thus enhancing our technical ability and development expertise.

Our mission is to become a reliable supplier, to provide quality products at economical values, and to provide customers with technical service and product innovations. We understand our customers’ needs in an increasingly demanding and competitive market. Therefore, we work under one mission statement: Customer satisfaction through quality product and innovation.


India’s Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of
Ropes, Harnesses & Slings

For many years, SPUNK ROPES has specialized in manufacturing of all type of safety / climbing Ropes, Harnesses and Slings.

Climbing Ropes

As with most safety equipment, the correct use of climbing rope is made clear by the certified standards it complies to. It is therefore essential to understand these standards when choosing a rope, be it for mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, caving or any other outdoor activity.

Climbing Safety Harness

Climbing/Safety Harness is an item of climbing equipment for rock-climbing, abseiling, or other activities requiring the use of ropes to provide access or safety such as industrial rope access, working at heights, etc. A harness secures a person to a rope or an anchor point.

Climbing Slings / Runner

Slings or Runners – the simplest pieces of equipment and some of the most useful.

The uses for these simple pieces are endless, and they are a critical link between the climber, the rope, carabiners, and anchors.

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Committed and Professional Approach towards Customer Satisfaction through Quality Products and Services

When JP Cotton Mills was first conceived we set out to build a business model that focused on quality and attention to detail.

Today we operate with the confidence and expertise built over a century that enables us to deliver world class and perfect products.

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