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India’s Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Mountain Climbing Ropes

SPUNK ROPES is India’s leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Dealers of Climbing Ropes & Kernmantle Ropes. Apart from India, we export Climbing Ropes & Kernmantle Ropes mainly in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Spain & Switzerland.


The minimal stretch of a static rope keeps it secure, ensures a smooth descent and is advantageous for various purposes. This is why it is the ideal rope for all types of abseiling, rappelling, fire rescue, caving, and working at heights.

  • Built to Withstand Rugged Outdoor Conditions
  • All Ropes Quality and Strength Tested
  • Guaranteed Excellent Performance
  • Low Stretch
  • Excellent Grip Feature


Dynamic ropes also have a variety of uses. They are designed to be elastic, which makes them beneficial for a number of situations. These include rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering. The stretching capabilities mean that the rope can react to any sudden shocks or falls quickly. The extra energy that comes from the change in load can be effectively absorbed due to the stretching.

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Energy Absorption Performance
  • Safety & Lightness Guaranteed
  • Control High Impact Force
  • Assured Quality


Specialised Ropes offers clients a flexible and hands-on service. Above all, we strive to tailor make industrial ropes of exceptional quality… for when only the best will do.

  • Paracord – Lightweight Nylon Kernmantle ropes
  • Double braided Ropes– Low Elongation, High Strength, Abrasion Resistance
  • Polypropylene Ropes– Economically Priced Rope
  • General Purpose Rope

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When ‘Safety’ is Important, Trust Only the ‘Best’

At Spunk Ropes (manufacturer & exporter of climbing ropes), safety is our topmost priority. We are the leading climbing rope company who not only manufacturers climbing cord but also export kernmantle rope across the globe, bringing to you premium-quality ropes that are a must-have for rock climbers, mountaineers, Safety workers, disaster management and other applications. These are specially-engineered to withstand tough outdoor conditions and are strength-tested to ensure the highest levels of safety.

That would depend on the type of application. For instance, you can use our low stretch rope for outdoor activities such as Rappelling, abseiling, caving, or working at heights. We are one of the largest rappelling rope manufacturers, ensuring excellent ruggedness and performance using static ropes.

If you are looking for high-quality, heavy duty mountain climbing rope, rock climbing rope or for other adventure activities on a height, our dynamic ropes with enhanced elasticity are the best options. The stretching capabilities means the rope can react to any sudden shock or fall quickly

Spunk Ropes is one of the top-rated climbing rope suppliers in India. Catering to diverse needs of our clients, we have a variety of product choices, including mountaineering rope, rappelling or caving static ropes, ski touring rope, slithering rope, fire-fighting ropes, Disaster managemnet etc.

We are also one of the most trusted polyamide rope manufacturers and safety rope exporters in India.

50 metres (165 feet) is pretty standard for most sport-climbing and other outdoor activities. You can also consider buying a 60-metres rope but the longer you buy, it will become costlier and rope handling becomes complex. You can choose our 10mm dynamic rope or static climbing ropes in varied lengths.      

We are the best climbing ropes dealers in India, offering UIAA rope that is strength-tested and certified for improved safety, ruggedness and longevity. We are the leading polyester rope manufactures and suppliers, ensuring you enhanced security for a wide range of outdoor applications.

That will depend on the quality of the rope, how much it is being used and for what kind of applications. As one of the top climbing rope exporters, we ensure excellent quality, long-lasting products that will withstand the test of time. However, if you are climbing daily or taking leader falls, you can expect a single season. For less frequent uses, you can get longevity of a couple of years.

If you find the rope getting dirty, use lukewarm or cold water and a mild detergent to wash it gently. As one of the best rappelling rope suppliers and exporters, we suggest never to use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean the product. Store it in a pillowcase or cloth sack to prevent it from tangling.

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