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Parachute Cord (also paracord or 550 cord when referring to type-III paracord) is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. This cord is useful for many other tasks and is now used as a general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians.

The Parachute Cord has becoming useful in a number of Hobbies and Pursuits.

550 Paracord

  • Kernmantle rope (inner core protected by a woven outer sheath)
  • 550lb tensile strength
  • 7 inner strands (each of which are 2-ply)
  • Nylon sheath composed of 32 woven strands
  • 4mm (5/32″) diameter
  • Most common type of paracord used
  • Mold, mildew, and rot resistant
  • Crafting: paracord is often used to make bracelets, lanyards, rifle slings, jewelry, belts, water bottle carriers, and keychains. Some enthusiasts even use it to make much larger creations such as hammocks, steering wheel covers, chairs, sculptures, and other large-scale works of art.
  • Survival: Paracord has earned a reputation for being a valuable tool for camping and hiking. Hikers often use paracord to tie gear to their pack, replace broken shoelaces, and construct shelters. The inner strands can also be removed to create impromptu survival tools like fishing line, fishing lures, traps, slings, and sutures.
  • Fashion: The colors and strength of paracord have made it popular as a fashion accessory—mostly in the form of bracelets.


Also known as braid on braid rope, this rope is actually two braided ropes combined into one rope.This rope was engineered for general marine, industrial, commercial, and general use where low elongation, high strength, and abrasion resistance are needed.

Due to its high strength and elongation, nylon is the ideal choice where shock absorbency is required. It has a melting point at 496 degrees F and a loss of strength at 248 degrees .F.
Benefits & FeaturesIdeal For
  • Shock Absorbent
  • High Stretch
  • Mooring lines
  • Offshore Applications
  • Recovery Ropes
  • Dock Lines
Technical Specification
Dia (mm)Tensile Strength (kgs)Weight per meters
680028 grams
9200068 grams
123800110 grams
156500180 grams
209500250 grams
The rope combines low stretch with high strength offering dependability and resistance to abrasion, sunlight and common chemicals. It has melting point between 489-500 degrees F and a loss of strength between 244-250 degrees F.
Benefits & Features
    • High Strength
    • Low Stretch
    • Abrasion Resistant
    • Easy to Splice
Ideal For
    • Cable Pulling
    • Stringing Lines
    • Winch Lines
    • Load Rope
    • Rigging Lines

Technical Specification

Dia (mm)Tensile Strength (kgs)Weight per meters
6100031 grams
9230074 grams
124000120 grams
157500205 grams
209500270 grams

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Hollow braided rope is a strong, economically priced rope. This rope splices easily, is easy on hands and has a moderate stretch. It is highly resistant to oil, water and other chemicals.

Solid braided rope is a uniformly round cord with a smooth surface. It is strong, abrasion resistant and is not damaged by oil and chemical. It is available in single color and multi color as well.

Bungee cords are made of multi strand natural rubber core and a tough UV resistant, abrasion resistant, waterproof braided synthetic yarn at outer core. It is available in black, white & multi colors with diameter ranging from 3mm to 12mm.

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Other Specialised Ropes – High Performance, Durable & Tough for all Conditions

Spunk Ropes is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of nylon kernmantle rope, available in different varieties, lengths, and tenacity. Each rope is designed and built to deliver long-lasting performance and durability across diverse applications. At the same time, it provides high levels of safety and resistance against outdoor conditions.

Most ropes we manufacture feature kernmantle construction and are also called braided ropes. Kernmantle ropes comprise of two layers – the more resilient and high-performance inner core that carries up to 95% of the rope’s strength, and a protective outer cover that provides improved safety and resistance to abrasions.

These can be of two types:

  • Braided nylon rope: This features high-tenacity, toughness and abrasion resistance. It provides good UV-protection and is resistant to mildew, rot, gas and oil. However, it may lose little strength when wet.
  • Braided polyester rope: This is made from high-tenacity polyester yarns that provide superb resistance to abrasions and ultraviolet rays. Its strength or durability does not get affected when exposed to chemicals, oils, gas or mildew. The braided rope also does not lose strength when wet.

Considering these features, kernmantle ropes can be a good choice for you.

Also known as paracord rope, this is a highly resilient kernmantle rope that has a strong inner core protected by an outer sheath. Its 550lb tensile strength and seven 2-ply inner strands can withstand most of the load with utmost safety. The outer nylon sheath features 32 woven strands that provide excellent protection against abrasions. So you can be assured of high-end security using our specially-designed parachute cord ropes.

A double braided rope is widely used for its superior performance and tensile strength holding different loads. It is also hard wearing and therefore, used for a variety of applications. We have the best quality of double braided climbing rope, suitable for most outdoor activities and even mountaineering or rock climbing.

We specialise in manufacturing both double braid polyester rope and double braided nylon rope, with distinct tensile strength, weight, and strength. The polyester double braided ropes are low stretch and therefore, ideal for winch lines, cable pulling, rigging lines, or winch lines.

If you are looking for a high-quality yet affordably-priced rope, consider buying our polypropylene rope or PP rope. These are hollow braided ropes, provides moderate stretch and less tough on hands. For water-proof, abrasion resistant and tougher variety, you can shop our bungee cords, available in different diameters and colours.

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