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Static ropes, also known as low elongation ropes, have a number of uses. These include abseiling, rappelling, fire rescue, caving, and working at heights. The minimal stretch of the rope is advantageous for these purposes.


Static Ropes are used whenever you are working with static load, either raising or lowering.

Static rope allows for a stable and controlled descent and can be used to create prusik knots to rappel. It also reduces the bounce of the individual.The minimal stretch of a static rope keeps it secure and ensures a smooth descent. This is why it is the ideal rope for all types of abseiling and rappelling.

A static rope is designed to have minimal stretch. This is why most static ropes can only stretch to around 5%. This low amount of stretch ensures that a static rope has minimal bounce. However, semi-static ropes can have higher stretch rates of around 15%.

Technical Specification

All the static ropes made are as per EN 1891:1998 & UIAA 107 standard
Diameter8 mm10.5 mm11 mm12 mm
Weight (KG/100M)
Breaking strength18 kN24 kN26.5 kN28.8 kN
No. of Standard Fall>5>5>5>5
Impact force5.3 kN5.3 kN5.3 kN5.3 kN

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Premium-Quality, Secure & Versatile Static Ropes

Spunk Ropes is a leading manufacturer and supplier of static climbing rope, designed to deliver a perfect blend of elongation, durability and performance. These are highly versatile in nature and can be used for a wide range of applications. Our low elongation ropes are an integral component of any work-at-height system, and ensure high standards of dependability across multiple industries.

A static rope is a low stretch rope that facilitates a more controlled and stable descent and can be used for a variety of outdoor applications. Due to minimal stretch, the rope keeps you secure and prevents sudden falls. That is why static outdoor climbing ropes are most suitable for abseiling, rappelling, caving, fire rescue or working at heights.

We are a top-notch manufacturer of climbing gear ropes that are built as per UIAA 107 standards. Our 10mm static climbing rope is made of high-quality polyamide with a breaking strength of 32 kN and less than 5% elongation. In addition to 10mm static rope, we also provide ropes in 8 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm diameters. These are manufactured in adherence to industry standards and ensure the highest levels of security you would expect from a climbing rope.

Spunk Ropes manufactures the best quality of Polyamide and Polyester rope that is known for its strength and durability. These are tested for superior performance, grip and safety – making them the ideal choice for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor applications. Our rappelling ropes are super durable and tough, delivering extreme security in any situation. The material ensures optimal handling and is easy to knot without getting tangled.

Nylon fibre easily absorbs water and this can affect the overall stretch and strength of your semi static climbing rope. Therefore, it is advised to keep the rope dry and away from moisture as much as possible. The good news is we manufacture our static kernmantle rope using advanced technology which protects its elongation and strength when exposed to moisture. To learn more, get in touch with our experts.

As a trusted manufacturer of outdoor and indoor climbing ropes, we suggest the following maintenance tips:

Keep your rope clean and dry as much as possible; wash it every 30-40 uses
Avoid stepping on your rope or it can abrade the core with every use
Regularly inspect the rope to identify abuses
Do not use it beyond what the manufacturer guarantees

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