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slings or runners – the simplest pieces of equipment and some of the most useful. The uses for these simple pieces are endless, and they are a critical link between the climber, the rope, carabiners, and anchors.


Slings, runners, cord and webbing are all climbing essentials

A sling or runner is an item of climbing equipment consisting of a tied or sewn loop of webbing. These can be wrapped around sections of rock, hitched to other pieces of equipment, or tied directly to a tensioned line using a Prusik style knot. They may be used as anchors, to extend an anchor to reduce rope drag, in anchor equalization, or to climb a rope.

Slings are an essential piece of gear that you will use every time you head out climbing. A sling is a tied or sewn loop of webbing, that works in conjunction with all your other gear, such as carabiners, quickdraws, cams, nuts and climbing rope. They can be wrapped around sections of rock and used as runners, used as anchors, or even used to ascend a rope. Climbing slings are generally now made with either nylon webbing or Dyneema.


Slings, webbing and cords don’t last forever. Most sling makers state that, even if never used, a sling should be retired after 10 years.
With moderate use and no major incidents, the lifespan of a sewn sling is two to five years. The actual lifespan depends on how frequently you use it and on whether or not it incurs damage. Inspect slings and replace them if you find any of the following conditions:
  • A rip or hole in the webbing
  • Burnt, singed or melted areas
  • Fraying of the webbing itself or the stitching
  • Significant fading due to exposure to sunlight
  • Discoloration from contact with damaging fluids

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Make the Most Out of Your Climbing Experience with the Best Quality Slings

 Love climbing? Slings are an integral piece of gear you simply cannot do without. It is a sewn or tied loop of webbing that should be used in combination with other climbing gears such as the rope, carabiners, cams, quickdraws and nuts. At Spunk Ropes, we manufacture the best sling ropes to provide the best climbing experience.

A climbing gear sling is typically attached around sections of a rock and can be used as anchors, runners or to descend. You can also use it as an extended quickdraw that allows the climbing rope to run straighter. This helps reduce the friction and shock on wandering routes or in the event of a fall or descend. The primary use of slings is to equalise or extend gear at the belay or on lead. However, they can also be used for safety as themselves.

We specialise in manufacturing rock climbing slings in a variety of weights, lengths and widths – suitable for most kinds of climbing activities.

As a leading manufacturer of safety sling for climbing and other gears, we would recommend using a sling over a quickdraw because it is more effective at minimizing rope drag. Climbing safety slings are available as single-length, double-length, extra-long or shorter slings. These are 2-3 times longer than quickdraws, can be worn over a shoulder and provide better safety.

Nylon webbing is the primary material used in climbing slings and provides high levels of strength, longevity and safety. Owing to its texture and stretch, nylon webbing sling holds knots stronger and better, ensuring improved fall protection and better anchorage. High stretch and melting temperature helps nylon to efficiently handle dynamic falls.

Polyamide or nylon slings stretch more and have a greater tensile strength. These are typically wider and therefore, easy to grasp. It can be used for most kinds of climbing applications.

At Spunk Ropes, the maximum work life of our wire rope slings or nylon webbing slings is 10 years when used occasionally and maintained carefully. However, situations may arise when you might have to retire the sling earlier, such as in showing the signs of damage, abrasion or cuts.

The durability, tenacity and safety of our webbing lifting slings can be affected by the following factors: damaged components, regular wear & tear, exposure to high temperature or chemical substances, UV degradation, excessive load, abrasion, humidity, or improper maintenance.

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