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Climbing/Safety Harness is an item of climbing equipment for rock-climbing, abseiling, or other activities requiring the use of ropes to provide access or safety such as industrial rope access, working at heights, etc. A harness secures a person to a rope or an anchor point.


A sit harness consists of a waist belt and two leg loops which are normally connected in the front of the hips through a permanent webbing loop called a belay loop. These are the most commonly used harnesses for recreational activities such as abseiling and rock climbing, as they afford a wide range of movement while still maintaining a high level of safety.


Chest Harness is designed to provide maximum freedom, comfort, and support to the client. The Chest Harness comes with tri-glides, which allow the straps to be adjusted to fit the client.


Full Body Harness should be used when working on or near unprotected sides and edges; leading edges; hoist areas; holes in walking and working surfaces, excavations and dangerous equipment.

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Spunk Ropes Safety Harnesses – The Ultimate Fall Protection Equipment

Spunk Ropes offers the best safety harness that is suitable for a variety of outdoor applications. Our harnesses are equipped with superb features and finest ergonomics that make them an ideal choice for safe and comfortable use when working at height. We also specialise in manufacturing the best climbing harness for adventure lovers.

We provide the best mountaineering harness that is built and tested as per the relevant procedures and safety procedures. It is made of premium-quality material with ergonomic construction that can withstand a static load of 15 kN for up to 3 minutes and without causing any damage to the metal parts or the webbing.

Our mountain climbing harness typically comes with a shelf life of 5 years. You should regularly check for visible signs of damage, abrasion or wear & tear, upon which stop using the harness or it can cause major safety issues. However, when used, stored and maintained as per our guidelines, the harness can last for 10 years.

Our harnesses are designed for diverse applications, anything at a height more than 1.80 metres. These can be used as safety equipment or as a rock climbing harness.

Both are synthetic materials and have reliable performance properties when it comes to excellent fall protection. However, an advantage of polyester as an industrial safety harness or a climbing harness is its supreme resistance to UV degradation or chemical compounds as compared to polyamide.

As one of the leading climbing harness manufacturers in India, we would suggest using a full body harness only when working at a height with unprotected edges and sides. Rock climbing or mountaineering requires more flexibility in movement which can be restricted by using a full body harness. We advise using a sit harness that provides excellent movement flexibility as well as high levels of safety.

All our harnesses are built and tested to sustain a maximum of 100 kg when using a maximum 2mm lanyard with it. It is better to consult our experts before buying a harness.

To ensure improved performance, strength and safety of your climbing harness in India, it is recommended to follow the guidelines mentioned in the user’s manual. Use only a dampened sponge and mild soap and detergent to clean the equipment. Do not wash it in a washer or dryer.     

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