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Indoor & Institutional Use – Must be worn with Sit Harness

A chest harness is worn around the shoulders, usually with a sit harness so as to provide an additional attachment point. This attachment point allows for better balance in some situations such as when carrying a heavy pack (as the centre of mass is below the connection to the rope) and when the person in the harness may be unable to maintain an upright position (due to injury or other influences).

It provides additional stability when climbing. Designed for indoor and institutional use, the harness features color-coded nylon webbing to make it easier to put on. For adjustments, you can use the buckles. The harness must be worn with a sit harness. It cannot be used alone. A chest harness helps to stabilize the upper body.

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High-Quality Chest Harness for Industrial Safety & Indoor Climbing

There are specific situations when a body chest harness might be a good choice, but it should always be used with a sit harness. These are designed for moderate safety and therefore, added security comes from a standard waist and leg loop system. We are a leading manufacturer of climbing chest harness, most suitable for industrial and indoor activities.

A chest harness keeps the wearer in an upright position in the event of a fall or descent. It sits around the shoulders and the chest, providing support to the upper body. It is the best harness for indoor rock climbing or for industrial applications that require you to work at a moderate height. The harness should not be used in high-risk climbing because it provides modest safety. It is advised to use the harness in combination with our sit harness for additional protection and stability.

We manufacture the best-in-class industrial safety and rock climbing chest harness that comes with a wide range of features like:

  • Form-fitting comfort delivered by high-quality material used in manufacturing the harness
  • Improved mobility while climbing
  • Lightweight and slip-on convenience
  • 100% polyamide or polyester webbing that is resistant to UV degradation and harmful chemicals
  • Moderate safety levels
  • Recommended use in manufacturing, construction, utilities, and indoor recreation
  • Designed and built as per the industry safety standards

Nylon and polyester are two most popularly used materials in our chest harnesses. Both are tough and resilient, and provide high levels of comfort and mobility when climbing. Polyester is more breathable than nylon and better resistant to most chemicals and UV degradation. Additionally, polyester is stronger and more durable that provides better support when climbing or during a fall.

We specialise in manufacturing both nylon and polyester indoor climbing and industrial chest harness of highest standards.

Even if you are using the best harness for indoor climbing, it is important that you thoroughly inspect it before each use. Check for signs of abrasion or wear & tear. It might be unsafe to use an old and damaged harness as it might hinder your safety. When used, stored and maintained as per our guidelines, Spunk Ropes chest harness can ensure a lifetime of up to 10 years.

A body chest harness provides ultimate support to the upper body and is most suitable in activities like heavy load lifting, carrying an injured climber, indoor climbing or institutional uses. The applications are different from a sit harness; though, the former must always be used with the latter

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