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The full body safety harness is a key part of an active fall arrest system. The harness serves two purposes, first, distributing fall forces safely across a worker’s body in the event of a free fall, and second, providing freedom of movement sufficient to allow the worker to effectively perform his or her job.


Used in Industrial/Rescue operations –Tough & Versatile harness

A full-body harness is the combination of a sit harness and a chest harness which are permanently or semi-permanently connected to each other. This kind of harness normally offers a wide range of attachment points. It is most commonly used in industrial/rescue situations, and also commonly used by small children instead of a sit harness which is easier to slip out of. Designed with a higher-positioned belay loop, this harness automatically produces a stable position

The adjust ability of the harness makes it possible not only for multiple people to wear it but also for you to wear thicker layers of clothing underneath it.The color-coding of the left and right leg loop, helps to put the harness in very little time.

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Full-Body Safety Harness India – A Perfect Combination of Comfort & Safety

Bringing the best of full body safety harness, Spunk Ropes is committed to blend safety with comfort for a wide variety of applications. Our full body harnesses conform to industry standards and have all the features that ensure high levels of fall protection and mobility. Browse our range of full protection harness for industrial or climbing activities.

A full body climbing harness is an integral component of your fall arrest system, especially when you are working or climbing at heights and have high risks of falling. It comprises of protective straps passing over your shoulders, across the chest, and around your legs. This way it distributes the entire fall force evenly across your body, keeps it in upright position in the event of a fall, and provides flexibility of movement when climbing or working at a height.

For a full body rock climbing harness, the lanyard anchorage point should be positioned right at or above the D-ring. The lanyard’s shock absorbing end should be connected to the body harness, while the other end needs to be connected to the anchor point. Ensure that the anchor points are right above you as much as possible to avoid the hazard of swing fall.

A full body harness for safety is typically classified into the following:

  • Class A: Used for superior fall arrest
  • Class D: Ideal for outdoor climbing, facilitating controlled descent and suspension
  • Class E: Provides limited access
  • Class L: Most suitable to provide fall protection for activities like ladder climbing
  • Class P: Ideal for holding your position when working at a height

Your choice of harness will depend on the purpose of use.

That will depend on the rescue environment and hazards involved. If the rescuer does not need to be suspended from the rope but the event is occurring at a height or in a fall hazard area, then it can be a good idea to use your full body fall arrest harness.

Most harnesses do not come with an expiration date anymore. Typically, our full protection harness can last for up to 10 years, provided it is taken care of as per our guidelines. Factors that can reduce the lifespan of your harness are falls, abrasions, cuts, sunlight, heat, wear & tear, and corrosives. Regularly inspect the harness to identify signs of wear & tear or abrasions before and after every use.

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