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The sit harness is the most flexible and the most common type. This allows you, as the name suggests to sit in the harness and hang.


Waist belt with two leg loops

A sit harness consists of a waist belt and two leg loops which are normally connected in the front of the hips through a permanent webbing loop called a belay loop. These are the most commonly used harnesses for recreational activities such as abseiling and rock climbing, as they afford a wide range of movement while still maintaining a high level of safety.

This harness features our Lean waist belt

This is an all-rounder climbing harness designed specifically for lead climbers. The well thought out features and its ergonomic design makes this one harness very versatile and suitable for many forms of climbing. This harness features our Lean waist belt. It above normal width but countered and lean design makes for a perfect fit around your waist. This feature was added keeping the route openers in mind who might have to hang in their harnesses for longer durations while bolting a new route.


  • Made from very high specification straps with breaking strength more than 25kN. Soft to feel yet very strong.
  • 10kN rated waist-belt and 15kN rated Belay loop.
  • Movable elastic hinge on the waist belt allows for easy centering and tension adjustment of the elastic loops across the hips
  • Edges folded in on the leg loops for extra cushioning on thighs
  • Recommended for adventure activities, adventure parks, climbing walls when the person is not required to hang on the harness for prolonged hours. Equally suitable for wearing over padded clothing during mountaineering

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Buy Sit Harness for High-End Safety & Flexible Movement

Adventurous mountain tours, sports climbing or rock climbing – to enjoy these outdoor activities to the fullest, proper safety measures should be taken. And a sit harness for climbing is a basic requirement. The harness allows you to sit and hang, offering utmost flexibility required for climbing. Spunk Ropes brings to you the highest quality sit harnesses to add safety and comfort to your outdoor experiences.

When you fall from a height, tremendous force develops. Your climbing harness should be able to sustain this force and spread it across your body to let it absorb the shock better and reduce the risk of injuries. During climbing, you are hanging freely on the rope and the harness should be able to stabilise the body while facilitating optimal blood circulation.

Climbers sit harness has become a climbing essential because it provides ultimate comfort and flexibility of movement. Additionally, our harnesses are proven to be highly safe, providing ultimate fall protection.

We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality sit harnesses that are built with high quality raw material and with utmost care, each product undergoes rigorous testing to deliver over 25kN breaking strength. The material used is soft and comfortable yet extremely strong to provide ultimate protection.

To provide added comfort to the wearer, our padded sit harness for climbing has softly-padded leg straps and waist belt. During a fall or suspension, the ventral attachment evenly distributes the weight between the leg loops and the waist belt. This prevents sudden shocks and ensures more comfort.

Both the harnesses are used in different applications and so their level of safety will also vary. For example, a waist harness is typically used for recreational and adventure activities like mountaineering, rock climbing or abseiling. They offer more flexibility in movement while still providing high levels of safety. However, they are not suitable when working at height with open or edgy sides. Moreover, when you need to hang and work for a longer time of period, you require better body support. Only a full-body harness can render you that much-required support.

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